Marnie Viau creatilve director of Bouchy Rose Blooms
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Marnie Viau creatilve director of Bouchy Rose Blooms

Being in the creative field of hairdressing for over 25 years, I now get to create beautiful meaningful art work for my customers. I believe there is a love language in flowers that evokes joy, light, happiness, makes your emotions rattle with excitement. The customers eyes hit the blooms and that smile, can you see the smile in peoples eyes?
I have enjoyed flowers since a little girl, mostly I remembering staring at them when ever one caught my eye, in awe wondering how God was the best artist of all, questioning how did he think of this? Then I went through a phase in my 20's I'll call the Sex and the City era, they always seemed to have pretty flowers around them so of course I wanted what they had and drove down the local Whole Foods market which at the time would sale 3 bunches for 10 bucks oh the options and the creativity started to flow and I was hooked. I believe we should all budget in flowers if we can to dress our homes with, there is so much proof how healing they are for the soul, call it self care if you will. I know I do and would love to be at service for all your Bloomin needs. I call my self a freelance florist because I am called in to help other florist, I work remotely or where ever I can, I am a floral stylist to peoples homes and businesses, and I love helping my brides special day to blossom with blooms the evoke emotions and tell a story.
I also teach fun playful flower workshops that brings in a lot of my experience of being a creative life art coach and help inspire others that getting creative with flowers is like a mini retreat for the soul.

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